Latest on my latest: A Dead Chick And Some Dirty Tricks

Like a sprawling shopping mall, or an ultra modern housing estate, or even a 2000 piece jigsaw of a bunch of unspectacular carnations, my latest novel A DEAD CHICK AND SOME DIRTY TRICKS is taking a lot more constructing than anticipated. 

The project managers are on site, equipped with hard hats, stern expressions and clipboards, going over every facet of the story in detail. 

In short, it's not finished yet. 

It's still at least couple of months from completion in fact but, as I say with every novel I write, it's my best work yet. (Stop yawning at the back.)

It represents my first foray into the detective genre, although there will be my usual touches of horror, madness, utter carnage and the odd weirdly named character (one of the main ones is called Dino Camballi. Seriously. And no, he's not Italian. He's from Rotherham.)

But enough spoilers for one post.

Here's hoping it's worth the wait...

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My Experience of The Amazon Price Match

So, those deep web spiders that Amazon like to send scurrying out across the web discovered that I was offering my novel The Wronged free through Smashwords for January.

And, quite fairly, as it's made clear in their Ts and Cs, they offered it for free on their site, through their Price Match. And I have to say I'm really glad they did.

The Wronged was downloaded for free more times than it was when I had it on KDP Select, averaging upwards of 40 a day towards the end.

But, perhaps best of all, these downloads spurned a flurry of reviews, three on the same day. And all pretty positive if I do say so myself.

There's also been knock-on sales of my previous book, Last Night At The Stairways.

All in all a pretty positive experience. The only slight downside being that it was about ten days after I stopped the book being free on Smashwords, that Amazon stopped the price-match, but that's more to do with Smashwords' affiliates being slow to administer the change.

It does beg the question whether KDP Select is worth it, but then again, I've had books free on Smashwords before and Amazon haven't price-matched, so maybe they've only just discovered what a goldmine of brilliance the various works of a Mr Jon Lymon really are.