There's Another Book Coming Out With The Same Title As Mine. What do I do?

The long-winded title basically sums up the essence of this post. So if you're expecting something else, you'll be sorely disappointed.

My book, The Wronged, has been out since 2012, selling OK, mainly in the USA.

But from January 29, 2015, there's gonna be a new The Wronged in town.

Is this good news or bad? Can you copyright a book title?

Can HarperCollins, who are publishing the new title, bring their clout to bear and force me to change my title?

Should I raid my piggy bank and hire to a lawyer to take on HarperCollins and force them to change their title, citing the rather childish-sounding 'I was here first' argument?

Is this doppleganger title good news for me in that I could pick up a few stray downloads from people who think my The Wronged is the other The Wronged?

Or should I just accept the reality that this new The Wronged is going to outsell and outmuscle my humble effort and just skulk off into a corner somewhere?