Beware Kobo Plus

Life's too short, and they're too long.

I speak, of course, of Ts and Cs. Terms and Conditions. That great swathe of uniquely dreary legal text, usually in a font too small to comfortably read that we all scroll through as quickly as we can and click Agree.

No one reads this dire, lifeless, technical text and everyone knows this. Everyone. Including Kobo.

I recently signed up a few of my books to Kobo Plus to see if it could breathe life into the frankly appalling sales on that platform.

It didn't.

But when I wanted to delist my ebooks and return them to exclusivity on Amazon, the delist button was pale. Unclickable. Unresponsive. Might as well have not been there. Aaaagh!

I had no option other than to write to Kobo, asking why I couldn't withdraw my books.

Here's the response:

You what!? 6 months! Where did it say that?

In the Ts and Cs of course, which I didn't read, because no one reads Ts and Cs. Everyone knows that. Everyone.

I'm currently in the process of trying to withdraw the books inside the 6 month period.

In the meantime, don't fall into the same trap.

Right. I'm off to read some Ts and Cs.