And I Have Shared A Thousand Tweets, And I'll Probably Share A Thousand More...

Yes, I can't help but feel the need to mark a little Twitterversary, if you please.

Earlier this month saw the occasion of my 1,000th Tweet (spontaneous round of applause imagined, but not actually forthcoming).

While many Tweet this per month, I'm pleased to say it has taken me the best part of a year to reach this milestone, evidence surely of the quality of every Tweet I deign to share with whoever happens to stumble upon it.

Alack, many of my Tweets are repeats of older ones. So to say I've Tweeted 1,000 different messages is a bawdy lie. But, I've got books I need to draw people's attention to. And with every Tweet I've tried to be entertaining, and to not just say, here's my book, now click this link and go effing buy it. Although, I might try a Tweet along those lines to see if it works.

Because Twitter doesn't really work as a book selling medium, and nor is it designed to. It's good at drawing people's attention to blogposts like this, and I quite like posting the odd quote from one of my novels on there.

But don't expect it to act as a sales window for your novels. I didn't, and I haven't been disappointed.

Here's to the next thousand Tweets...

Who's Got A Cure For Tweeter's Block?

It's been coming, and it's finally here.
And I know it's going to take a bit of surgery to cure.

Yes, I've reached the point on Twitter when I'm now following 2000 other Twitterers and Twitterees.
But because I don't have 2000 following me, (1650 at the last count) that's it.
My expansion plans are scuppered until I can even up the number of following and followers.

That means trawling through everyone I'm following and seeing who's not following me back and giving them the old Spanish Archer (el bow for those not in the know).

And I know there's a few apps and the like that make it easy to see who out of the people you're following isn't returning the compliment.

But it seems a little childish, giving them the flick just because they don't want to see my Tweets.

So, what do I do, wait for 350 more people to follow me, even though I can't follow them back, or roll up my sleeves and get the scalpel out?

A definite #firstworldproblem