KDP Select - one last hurrah.

Through the floor.

That's where my Amazon sales have gone recently. Not that they ever went through the roof. But there was regular interest, back in the day.

But the day was 2012. In 2013, with all the changes that have been outlined on better blogs than this, it's been tough for self publishers like me.

And now with a massive section of my dashboard dominated by an ultimatum for tax information that I quite frankly can't be arsed with, Amazon seems like a very unfriendly place for my books to be.

So, I've decided to go out the way I came in, with my first novel on KDP Select. It's changed names since early 2012. But the name change hasn't seen a massive raise in the downloads.

My books have never scaled the heights of those who've had their freebies downloaded by thousands through KDP Select. Couple of hundred is the best I've seen. Back in the day.

But for me, Amazon's had its day. They don't want self-publishers on there, and this turgid tax info request is just another way to get people to drop out.

And, I think in my case, it's worked.

Over and almost out.