On Which Day Of The Week Do Ebooks Sell Best?

Wouldn’t it be good to know the time of the week when Mr and/or Mrs Book Buying Public was most likely to acquire your action/adventure story, shell out for your saga or hand over the cash for your horror novel?

Such information would enable us authors to time tweets, adapt ads and line-up launches to capitalise on our audience’s propensity to buy.

This is not an advertisement by the way. I’m not about to offer to sell you data that proves that 3pm on a Tuesday is a more profitable day for sales than Friday at 9pm (when everyone who isn’t writing their next novel is out having fun, surely?)

But having shifted a few copies of my books in the US and Europe, I’m noticing patterns emerging. Briefly and chiefly, these are:

Tuesday and Wednesday are the slowest sales days. 
Friday and Sunday are the strongest sales days, followed by Saturday, Thursday and Monday, in that order.

It would be interesting to discover if these figures tally with the sales of your books, or if your experiences are vastly different.