REVIEW: ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! ACAPULCALYPSE NOW Alison Littlewood (created by Stephen Jones)

I'm writing about zombies in my latest.
So wanted to see how other authors describe these dead folk.
Saw this on the shelf in the bookshop. Looked like it was about zombies.
And so it proved.

This was entertaining enough, even if the title was a little confusing, much like the authorship.
Got a bit samey though, when it came to the incessant slaughtering of the undead.
They all deserved it of course, but you need to be rooting for the surviving humans for a book to engage you on an emotional level and, aside for the little kid Ethan who witnesses the zombificaton of his mother and father, I wasn't really.

But I made it to the end in swift time, and it delivers what the cover promises, plenty of blood, exposed guts, sunken eyes, skulls and swords.