Obrigado! Who's The Daddy No.12 in Brazil...

The book's a work of non-fiction, and so is this news:

Who's The Daddy, my (semi) humorous look at the roles males are expected to play when being father to their children is No 12 in Brazil. Look...

It's the yellow one, in case you missed it.
Is this the result of my recent rewrite of some of my book blurbs to be more SEO?
Perhaps it's too early to say, but thanks Brazil for buying some lemon yellow Lymon.

Here's some of the blurb...

Reasons to buy Who's The Daddy? Well, it's
* LIGHT-HEARTED - being a dad is good fun and this book reflects that
* A LIGHT READ - well, you haven't got time for novels anymore
* LIGHT YELLOW - not enough books out there are light yellow. Who's The Daddy attempts to address this ridiculous state of affairs.
* LIGHT ON YOUR POCKET - your level of disposable income is about to come down as you pay for disposable nappies/diapers and the like. The price of this book reflects that.

Buy Who's The Daddy? for yourself if you're a dad, for your partner if they're a dad, for your brother, son, uncle, cousin if they're a dad and for your dad if he's a dad. It's guaranteed to have new born babies drooling all over it.

And clicking here will take the few people left in Brazil who have yet to buy Who's The Daddy, straight to the page.